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Photography Pricing

Contents Please consider the rates below as a the starting point for first image pricing. Photography rates will be adjusted based on volume, production level and image use. All portraits include a preview gallery and basic touch up.

The first purchased image rates, listed below, are based on one year local use, up to 20,000 print distribution or less than 20,000 views per month web usage.

Per image rates for Michigan (or one state) use:

  • Professional Corporate Head Shot $275
  • Personality Portrait $575
  • Group shot (3-7 people)  $475
  • Group shot (8-15) $675
  • Corporate Event $275 (first hour two hours minimum
  • Corporate Event additional hours $175

Props, models and location fees are not included in the per image rate.

  • Studio (Octane photographic Ferndale MI) $250 per day
  • Assistant Each additional $300 per day
  • Regional use (3 to 10 states) of images add $300 per image.
    • Print 25,000 -250,000 distribution
    • Web page views 500,000 monthly
  • National use of images add $1250 per image
    • Print over over 250,000 distribution
    • Web page views over 500,000 monthly
  • Major national advertising use of images add $3500-$5000

Hiring a photographer

Hiring a photographer means you are commissioning a photographer to create an image(s) for your use. Just like commissioning an artist to paint a portrait or a writer to create a song; the artist still owns the copyright unless transferred in writing.

The general usage rule is one time use during a period of one year, unless otherwise expressed in writing.

Per image pricing helps the client to keep control of their photographic budget. The client only pays for selected images. Discounts may be offered based on volume and/or guaranteed minimum image purchases.

Digital is not cheaper than film: Although film costs do not play a role for the digital photographer additional expenses are incurred. Digital cameras, computers and the software to produce and process the images are expensive and need to be updated at the pace of technology. The time required to process the images is also more demanding on the photographer.

We believe that each image has value. Day rates don’t encourage efficiency, productivity and respect for clients’ valuable time. Rosh Sillars only offers time based rates for event photography.

We do not recommend you hire a photographer based only on price. Different photographers have different production levels, experience, ability and style. Sillars’ rates may be lower than some photographers due to lower production overhead or higher due to experience and ability. We recommend you base your final photographer selection on 60 percent photography style, 25 percent experience and 15 percent price.

The Rosh Group, Inc., as a general rule, does not offer copyright transfers to our images. Purchasing the copyrights from a Professional photographer can be very expensive (if available ). We prefer to save our clients money by offering accommodating usage programs to help meet our clients goals.

For more information about copyright:

The estimated rates listed above are subject to change at anytime without notice. The rates above may be adjusted based on usage, photograph production and expenses. Estimated rates may not include props, models, travel or location expenses. Please contact Rosh Sillars or a Rosh Group representative for a final estimate.