Jack Aronson – Garden Fresh

Jack Anderson - Garden Fresh - Detroit

Detroit Entrepreneur

I photographedJack Anderson, the CEO of Garden Fresh, the maker of my favorite chips and salsa. I created the images for a local Michigan business magazine.  I spent about an hour and a half photographing him and the facility.  I created a number of good photographs for the client. My favorite, although a simple shot of Jack, is the one I’ve displayed on this page.

*note: Jack as since sold the company. Yet, remains a valuable and appreciated member of the Detroit community.

Detroit Photographer, Rosh Sillars

Josh Linkner


Josh Linkner Detroit Entreprenur

I photographed Josh Linked at his downtown Detroit office.  Josh is a well-known Detroit community entrepreneur, author and investor.  I took this image using one light and balancing it against the sky in the background.

I used tone-mapping and post processing techniques to develop the final image.  There were some cords in the scene that I did not want visible in the final image, so I did Photoshop them out.

I took multiple shots all around the same floor of the building. Fortunately, there are many great locations in the Madison building on Broadway.

Rosh Sillars, Detroit Photographer.


James P Hackett – Stealcase CEO

James P Hackett - Michigan CEO

James P Hackett is the Stealcase CEO. Stealcase is based in Michigan and Hackett has been the CEO since 1994.

I didn’t have a lot of time to photograph Mr. Hackett due to a last minute schedule conflict. Fortunately, the headquarters has been updated with exciting colors, architecture and design.  So, before his arrival I was able to scout a few close, in proximity, locations.  Within ten minutes I was able to photograph five unique looks.

Note: James has since retired from Stealcase.

Suntel Services – Michigan

Gary S. Jackson and Donald E. Jackson owners of Suntel services

by Detroit Photographer Rosh Sillars

Owners of SunTel Services. Left Gary S. Jackson and his brother Donald E. Jackson.

Sun Tel Services has been supporting Detroit companies with their communications needs since 1986.  The company is one of the Detroit Michigan small business success stories.

I took as series of images of the brothers at their recently updated building to support the company with their advertising and website.

Best Photographer in Michigan

Event Photographer

In 2006 I was named the best event photographer in Michigan by Meetings and Events Magazine.  Honestly, that is old news.  I’ve always taken it with a grain of salt.  But, if I’m going to share my experience it’s certainly one for the resume.

My photojournalism background has made photographing events second nature.  I don’t do as many smaller events as I used to.  I tend to have my team members photograph smaller events.

I do enjoy photographing the larger multi-day corporate events.  Not because of the long hours or the fact my feet are always sore after hours on the move. I like these events because I always seem to learn something new and meet interesting people.

That is one of the reasons I enjoy photojournalism and people photography too.

If you would like more information or have me photograph your corporate event send us an email rosh@rosh.com


Scott Monty – Detroit – Ford Motor Company

Detroit Scott Monty

I photographed Scott Monty for a Metro Detroit Magazine in late 2011.

I enjoyed talking with him.  I was able to get a little insight into his life as the Global Digital & Multimedia Communications Director at Ford Motor Company.

Scott is a long time blogger, active social media community member and leader. He coined the social media term Tweetup.  A tweetup is an in-person meeting of Twitter community members. They will often meet-up at local restaurants and bars. I’ve attended many.

Having followed his work for years it was good to meet him. I’m honored I was able to add his portrait to the list of high-profile people I have had the opportunity to photograph.

As a Detroit photographer, I’ve had additional opportunities to meet with and talk to scott. We’ve remained connected via social media has he travels the world sharing social media insight.


Eva Marrow

Real Estate Agent Eva Marrow

My Portrait of Metro Detroit Real Estate agent Eva Marrow owner of MichiganHomes.net.

She is an excellent agent and works really hard online to support her clients, generally high-end buyers and sellers in Oakland County.  I’ve known her for a few years. I have recently had the opportunity to work with her through my association with Royal Oak Design.

Eva is known for creating her own photographs for real estate clients. This was an excellent opportunity to share my skills with her by creating a portrait.


Detroit Photographer Pricing

Photography Rates in Detroit:

People often ask me what are the standard rates for Detroit Photographers. After years of job loss and negative news in Detroit photographers are not immune to the pressures of the economy.

Today photographers come from many backgrounds with various levels of experience.  I often recommend photo buyers review their goals, photography portfolios and then consider price.

The rates below are solely my observations and not based on any survey or study.

I find the advanced amateurs are offering their services for $50 – 100 per hour.  Many do a good job taking quality images and should meet some of your photographic needs.

Experienced professionals are averaging $125 – 200 per hour for event photography.  Many professionals will not offer an hourly or day rate for non-event work.  You will generally know you are talking with a professional if they ask how their images will be used.

Professional photographers base their rates on a creative fees, expenses, production and how the images will be use for marketing and advertising.  A photograph used for a small local direct mail campaign will not command the value and rate as an international magazine  and billboard campaign.

Some photographers will offer rate reductions based on volume.  You should ask if there are opportunities for rate reductions of you are willing to guarantee a certain number of purchased images.

That average rate for local use of photographic images for low volume websites ( 200 – 2000 visits per month) and less than 10,000 distribution for printed materials ranges from $75 – 300 per image depending on the experience level of the photographer and volume of images purchased.

The $75 – 125 range tends to be a starting  at point for many early professionals. Being a young professional is not always a negative if the photographer produces a portfolio that represent the look and talent you are searching for.

Fine artwork tends to range from $75 – $475 depending the photographer and size of the image.

Detroit Michigan Mayor
Portrait: Detroit Michigan Mayor Dave Bing by Rosh Sillars

New photographers are entering the field every year.  The average photography buyer has many choices.  Determine what you are looking for in a photographer and develop a budget before you begin your official search.   Next review portfolios and call on the photographer that you believe will best represent your vision.

The bottom line is that photography pricing varies as much as there are photographers in the industry.   Some photographers don’t understand their value, others command high rates due to their experience, ability and reputation.

Keep an open mind and ask a lot of questions.