Renting Photography Equipment

Should you rent photography equipment?

Keeping up with digital technology, especially camera equipment, is expensive.  I’ve known a few photographers that rent first through the years. It seems renting is becoming more common.  As a Detroit Photographer, I’ve found fewer choices local choices for review equipment. Over the last year I’ve begun doing the same for some of my larger assignments.

I’ve often used companies such as for specialty lenses.  Specialty tilt-shift, extra wide and long lenses are very expensive.  Especially if you are not going to use them on a regular basis. It’s important not to compromise on a job. Make sure you have the right equipment and it’s never been easier.

Some of my food and architectural assignments require specialty lenses. I’ve found after I’ve tested a few different brands I tend to return to the same lens.  If I start to notice a trend or a developing style of photography that requires a certain lens, I will eventually purchase it. By the time I’m ready to buy, I really know what I want.

I’ve started renting more cameras bodies too. If I find myself renting the same camera a few times, I’ll consider buying it. Renting cameras helps me to keep up with the latest pixel, video and strobe technology too.  I generally shoot in manual mode, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know and understand the capabilities of the new camera equipment from Canon and Nikon.

Renting when I travel for assignments is also convenient.  It’s really easy in cities where a participating camera store is located to ship equipment to and from.  Not having to worry about traveling with my equipment takes a lot of stress of my assignment.  I can even confirm the arrival of my equipment before I leave my studio or home town.

It’s not just photography equipment available. You can rent lighting, audio equipment and video cameras.  It’s actually amazing all the things you can rent online.