Hospital Photographer

Hospital Photography by people photographer Rosh Sillars

Much of the work I do in the Metro Detroit area is photographing people in hospital and medical environments.  This image was set up as a demonstration.

Hospitals invest in expensive equipment and need to create quality imagery promote the technology available to patients.  My experience helps me move through the hospitals quickly capturing a large number of excellent images to support their documentation and promotion.


The last shot is sometimes the best

By Detroit Photographer Rosh Sillars

I took this image on location. My assignment was to photograph the construction of a new arena and the people building it.

As we were leaving the construction area I saw the man above and took one last photograph. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

When I got back home I started playing with post processing.  Most of the images didn’t work with my experimental technique. Fortunately, this man worked extremely well and the image has become one of my favorite portfolio portraits.

The texture of his face, the composition, light, his smile and the reflection in his glasses all work together.

It’s not the first time the best shot appeared after the job was over.  It’s not the last time I will be reward by the last image shot on an assignment.