Guide Book: Canon T4i/650D

Lost Canon T4i owners Manual?

Sometimes owners manuals are lost or not available.  This is especially true if you purchase a camera used.  The owners manual is nice but it doesn’t really help you make the most of your camera.

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I wrote The Canon Rebel T4i/650D Digital Field Guide in six weeks not including a couple weeks of editing. It is full of great information about all the features the the Canon T4i/650D has to offer.

I took thousands of images for the book.  The photograph in the middle of the cover is my daughter Ava playing soccer. Actually, much of the book has photographs of family, friends and co-workers. They were are such good sports. The first third of the book is about all the details of the camera. I spent the summer pushing every button and testing each feature. I really got to know this camera well.

I really like the touch screen.  I miss it when I’m using my other cameras. The video is great and the HDR features are a nice addition. The continuous focus for video is one of the big new features.  It’s nice, but I still prefer manual focus for my professional style work.

One of my favorite parts of the book is that I invited twelve photographers to share their tips about how to take better photographs and video.  This really adds a nice dimension and value to the book.  It is more than just another manual, the book is really designed to help you get the most of your your camera.

My newest book – Canon T4i

I spent my summer playing with and writing about the Canon T4i camera.  It was hard work, but worth it.  I wrote a blog post called the Canon T4i book where I share my experience writing and photographing for the book.

About my book Canon T4i

Although I don’t use the Canon T4i for most of my professional work, I’ve found it useful for some of my food and product photography in studio.  It has a lot of useful features.  I actually like the touch screen on back (some don’t).  This is also my first dSLR camera with video capability.

Of course, I wouldn’t be a good author if I didn’t inform you that you may purchase your copy here on Amazon or your local book store.

Canon HDR T4i

The Canon Rebel T4i has automatic HDR modes. It takes multiple exposures to correct for backlight and night photography issues such as dark shadow detail.